Leasing Advantages

Benefits of utilizing medibrite services.

No Development Costs

A quality website can come with high development costs, and cheap websites will not have the desired impact on your visitors or properly reflect your practice online. Medibrite’s  leasing provides you with a high quality, impressive website built for generating leads for a low manageable fee.

Future Friendly

Technology is a constantly changing space, and it can be confusing, time consuming and expensive to keep up. By leasing with Medibrite you can rest assured your website is being well taken care of and will never be outdated or at risk. As important new trends, security measures, technology, and web standards arise we will discuss them with you and find the best time and way to implement them.

Management Fees

On going website maintenance costs can be difficult for practices to keep up with from both a financial & time commitment stand point. Medibrite offers a fully managed solution which covers your website updates, hosting management, ensuring your technology is always up to date, and much more.

Tax Benefits

There are several tax savings advantages of website leasing including helping you defer GST/PST/HST tax costs. It also saves you from paying all of the tax of a project upfront right away. You can speak to your accountant to help you understand all of the major financial benefits of leasing.


While we take every possible precaution to prevent any technology issues, there is always a possibility things may come up. You shouldn’t have to worry about multiple providers blaming each other, while you are paying each for their time. We assume 100% responsibility of your website and hosting, and should any problems occur you can rest assured our highest priority will be taking care of it immediately.

Leveraging Your Money

Website leasing simply makes sense financially, the same way equipment leasing makes sense for thousands of companies. Leasing helps maintain your cash flow and allows for better budgeting, and planning for the future.

Save Time & Money

Medibrite not only offers a high quality website, but also includes website updates, website reporting, system maintenance, web hosting, and more. This fully managed solution is offered with NO setup fee’s, just one low monthly fee, saving you money on multiple services without having to compromise for a low quality website.


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